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Zhihe technology quality management small talk


As we all know, any brand in order to win the favor of the public, the most fundamental or quality. Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, is the cornerstone of the product based on the market. Zhihe Technology always put quality in the first place, always adhere to the “quality first, service first, continuous improvement, international competition” quality policy. So as a manufacturer, how should we control the quality process?

For a buyer, the life cycle of a product is very important, so how to conduct quality management around the life cycle of a product is particularly important. In the schematic diagram of the whole product life cycle, it can be roughly divided into four categories, that is, before purchase, during production, out of the warehouse and after sale.

  1. Inspection of raw materials

Factory supplier quality control. The supplier is the supplier of all kinds of materials required by the enterprise. The quality of the final product of the enterprise often depends on the quality of the materials supplied by the supplier. Therefore, only do a good job in quality control of suppliers, can we control the quality of enterprise products from the source. Zhihe technology has always been strict with supplier quality investigation, when necessary to suppliers on-site factory inspection.

Quality control of incoming materials is an important step of product quality control. Zhihe Technology strictly to the entrance, from the source to control the quality of products, all the purchased raw materials from the appearance, size and other material specifications for inspection, unqualified raw materials directly returned to the supplier.

  1. Control of the production process

The main contents of production process control include: control of raw materials, control and maintenance of equipment, control of production process control points, control of production environment (such as humidity, temperature, etc.), document control (such as recording of non-linearity, hysteresis, creep, etc.), control of unqualified products, etc. Process is a process in which human, material, mechanical equipment, manufacturing method and environmental factors play an integrated role in product quality. Zhihe Technology on the flow of products in strict accordance with the product flow control procedures before the relevant procedures can be released, and the implementation of the previous process is responsible for the next process, the next process re-inspection of the previous process system, to achieve layers of control. Inspect the equipment before manufacture, inspect the quality control points emphatically, and conduct full inspection of the product before storage. Only by controlling each link well can we make excellent and qualified products.

  1.  Finished products leave factory

Outgoing inspection is to ensure that qualified products are delivered to customers. Zhihe technology out of the warehouse when the rigorous process, to ensure that the flow of an unqualified product. Before packaging, the label, report paper, shipping mark, etc. will be checked to see if they are consistent with the product. When packing, we will double check to ensure that there is no leakage, overloading or misloading.

4.After-sales service

After-sales service is the continuation of quality management in the use process, is an important guarantee to realize the use value of goods. It can be used as a remedy for the use value of the product, which can remove worries for consumers. In addition, in the after-sales service, customers’ opinions and requirements on the products can be timely fed back to the company, prompting the company to continuously improve product quality and better meet the needs of customers. Zhihe Technology will also ask customers to fill in the satisfaction survey every year, we will take each customer’s evaluation seriously and make corresponding adjustments.

Quality is the face and face of the enterprise, is the most critical factor for the competition for the market, who can use a flexible and quick way to provide users with satisfactory products and services, who can win the market competitive advantage, can win greater development space for the survival and development of enterprises.