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What is the load cell


  1. Definition: A force transducer used on a weighing device. The principle of resistance strain type weighing sensor can convert the gravity acting on the measured object into measurable output signal in a certain proportion. The performance indexes of weighing sensor mainly include linear error, hysteresis error, repeatability error, creep, zero temperature characteristic and sensitivity temperature characteristic.
  2. Classification: According to the conversion method, the weighing sensor can be divided into eight types: photoelectric type, hydraulic type, electromagnetic force type, capacitance type, magnetic pole type, vibration type, gyro ceremony, resistance strain type, etc., and resistance strain type is the most widely used.
  3. Principle of resistance strain type weighing sensor: Elastomer (elastic element, sensitive beam) elastic deformation under the action of external force, the resistance strain gauge on the surface of the paste in his (cell) also along with the deformation and deformation resistance strain gauge, its value will change (increase/decrease), and then through the corresponding measurement circuit convert the resistance to electrical signals (voltage or current), Thus the external force is transformed into an electrical signal.


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