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Torque sensors are commonly used in applications


Torque sensors are divided into static and dynamic.

Torque sensors test the torque perception of various torsional or non-torsional mechanical components and convert the physical change of torque force into electrical signals.

Field of Application:
1, stepping motor; Dc servo motor.
2. Master and test the processing process of automobile engine, diesel engine, steering gear, overall torsion and other parts.
3, electric (manual) implementation mechanism, all kinds of valve automatic opening and closing control.
4, the control and monitoring of oil production and refining process, the monitoring of thermal power generation and hydroelectric power generation equipment, the control of ore screening, the monitoring of wind power generation equipment.
5. Torque life test of various materials.
6. Master the process of railway machinery and equipment, etc. The specific contents are as follows: test the output pole moment power of torsional power equipment such as generators, electric machines and internal combustion engines. Try the load torque pole input power of reducer, fan, pump, mixer, hoist, propeller, drilling machinery and other equipment.

At present, our company has two models of torque sensors (as shown below), which can be customized according to customers’ actual application requirements. (Please look forward to more new products)

torque load cell 1torque load cell5