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The use advantage of bellows weighing sensor


The main elastic sensing elements of the weighing sensor are elastic cylinder, elastic string wire, beam, flat diaphragm, corrugated diaphragm, E-shaped circular diaphragm, axisymmetric shell, spring tube and bellows, etc.

The bellows are respectively composed of the inner radius, outer radius, circle radius and wall thickness of the bellows.

The use of bellows elastic elements for weighing sensors has an important influence on their performance.

  1. Good mechanical properties, such as high strength, good impact resistance and toughness, high fatigue strength, good mechanical processing and heat treatment performance.
  2. It has good elastic properties, high elastic limit, elastic hysteresis, elastic aftereffect and elastic creep.
  3. With good temperature characteristics, the temperature coefficient of elastic modulus should be small and stable, and the linear expansion coefficient of material should be small and stable
  4. It has good chemical properties, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

Suitable for electronic scale, belt scale, hopper scale and other force measurement and control.

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