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Range selection of load cell for silo


The silo load cell is damaged due to overload. For example, control system failure, resulting in a large number of materials pouring down, resulting in overload, but also the use of the process of human factors caused by overload, especially small range bin load cell due to the operator trample scale frame and overload damage from time to time. Therefore, the overload capacity of the silo load cell and whether the silo load cell has overload protection have a certain impact on the reliable operation of the weighing system.


There are two performance indexes of silo load cell related to this, one is allowable overload, the other is limit overload. Allowed overload means that after unloading this load, the performance index of the bin sensor is unchanged. The ultimate overload is defined as the load under which the bin load cell will not produce harmful permanent mechanical deformation.


The allowable overload of general load cells is 150%, and the limit overload is between 200% and 300%. Some weight load cells with overload protection may exceed a range. Therefore, when we choose the load cell range, we try to choose 70-80% of the full range of the load cell, and try to do some overload protection for the load cell in the installation.


Our company has a number of silo load cells can be based on the actual situation of customers and application scenarios for the most appropriate range selection.