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Process development of weighing sensor


Weighing sensor is a common measuring instrument, with accurate measurement, simple maintenance, flexible use, high reliability, good stability and other advantages, is widely used in many fields, such as chemical industry, animal husbandry and so on.


  1. In the processing of elastomer, from unit processing technology to integrated processing technology; From rigid manufacturing to flexible manufacturing; From simple experience judgment development to intelligent quantitative analysis. Flexible manufacturing units and flexible manufacturing systems are widely used.


  1. In product structure design and manufacturing process, the computer simulation technology and virtual technology in engineering product design are absorbed to speed up development and reduce development risk;


  1. Stability and reliability related to the stable treatment process in high temperature treatment, low temperature cryogenic, pulsating fatigue, overload static pressure and other methods on the basis of the vibration aging, resonance aging new technology, resonance 10 minutes, can eliminate most of the residual stress.


  1. The production process is no longer the “workshop craft” in the traditional concept, but a systematic engineering combining technology and management. In order to adapt to multiple varieties, mass production, to ensure the uniformity of product technical performance, the production process must be to reduce manual operation, human control, increase the direction of semi-automation and automation process development.