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Pin type load cell features


The pin type sensor has the following characteristics:

  1. The elastic element is a whole hollow section circular shaft, compact structure, simple geometric appearance, easy to process high size and shape accuracy;
  2. The hollow section has strong resistance to torsion and bending, and the stress at the neutral axis of the shaft pin is the largest;
  3. When the hollow section shaft pin bears vertical and horizontal bending, the section with zero bending moment is in the same section;
  4. When the shaft pin load cellwith large capacity is designed, the center hole is also large, and the double-shear electric negative strain gauge can be pasted in the hole, which can not only get good protection but also implement the vacuum-filled inert gas sealing process;
  5. Easy to assemble and use with related bearing parts.

The disadvantage of the shaft pin load cell is that the production process is difficult and requires more special tools and equipment.

Our company has produced a pin type load cell ZH-LPT, mainly used in crane (tower crane) system, can prevent overload, ensure safety program control.