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Packing precautions for weighing sensor


We are the manufacturer and distributor of weighing sensors. Every day a large number of products will be sent to domestic and foreign customers. Whether it’s express delivery or logistics, the packaging of sensors is very meticulous. Overall, there are the following points to pay attention to:

1.Small sensors tend to come in small boxes. Inside the box is a foil that matches the shape characteristics of the sensor. In this case, the sensor is not easy to be damaged in transit, so we just need to add a large carton to send it at ease.

2.The size of the sensor, especially the non-standard products. Each sensor has an outlet hole, relative to the sensor mass, if the sensor packaging is improper, the first damage is the sensor outlet. After this is damaged, it must be returned to the factory for repair. This is more troublesome. When we are packing, we must choose solid cartons, and wooden boxes can be selected if necessary. Internal caulk to choose a hard plastic foam. Attach the sensor to the filler. It is the best that the sensor will not shake when the packing case is shaken.

  1. If the road is far away, the sensor mass is large, should be tied on the sensor external packing box packing belt, so as to be safe.

4.In order to prevent rain and snow, we can wrap wrap film on the outer layer of the carton to prevent the carton from getting wet.