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Manufacturing process of pin sensor


Manufacturing process of pin sensor

The manufacturing process of the pin-shaft structure is exactly the same as that of other structural weight sensors, except that since the double-shear resistance strain gauge is stuck in a deep hole, special sandblasting treatment, crossed the patch, pressure curing tools and equipment need to be purchased and designed.

Detection and application technology of pin sensor

Since the pin sensor itself is an integral elastic element, that is, there is no protective housing and no loaded pressure head and bearing base, the same boundary support should be used in the test and calibration as in the actual installation and use, preferably the same support.

Pin sensor is a special sensor for measuring the radial load or wire rope tension of bearing, pulley and other components. It can be installed in the structure instead of the pulley pin to measure the meridian force. According to different purposes, easily installed in the connection place two metal structure of peg, rigging shackle, pulleys (group), crown block (group), wedge joint, capel, Marine rigging, open screw rod head and fork joint, coupling fork, the suspension loop, the steel wheel shaft hole, can rise to replace the original axis function, also have the effect of weighing load cell, Thus, the mechanical parts of the whole weighing force control system are greatly simplified.


In recent years, the pin shaft sensor is mainly used in the field of electronic crane scale. It is most common to assemble the quantity type or wireless transmission type electronic crane scale with U-shaped ring. Since THE pin shaft is directly assembled with the ring and hook, not only the complicated bearing shell is eliminated, but also the assembly accuracy is improved and the weighing accuracy is guaranteed.