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How to install the load cell?


The load cell determines the accuracy and stability of electronic truck scale to a large extent. The manufacturing process of the load cell is precise and complex. If the installation and use are improper, the due technical indicators will not be reached, and even damage will be caused.

(1) To take light load cell, especially with aluminum alloy material made of elastomer small scale load cell, any impact and fall, the performance of the load cell itself will cause great damage; For the large scale of the load cell, because it has a larger weight, so the requirements in the handling and installation, should be as far as possible to use the appropriate lifting equipment.

(2) Level adjustment of the load cell: the level of the mounting plane of the mounting base of a single load cell must be adjusted with a level; The installation plane of the mounting base of multiple load cells should be adjusted to the same horizontal plane as far as possible (the relative error is within 3mm), so that the load borne by each weighing sensor is basically the same. The force direction of each load cell is determined. When using the load cell, the load must be placed in the force direction, and the lateral force should be avoided to be loaded in the non-force direction. Try to use load cells with automatic reset function, such as spherical bearings, joint bearings, positioning fasteners, etc., such load cells can prevent some transverse forces from acting on the load cell.

(3) Some baffle should be set around the load cell, or the load cell should be covered up to prevent the movable part from being affected by the movement of debris and dust. To determine whether the moving part is flexible, you can use the following methods: increase or decrease the rated load of one thousandth on the scale. If the display instrument has a reflection, it indicates that the moving part is running normally, otherwise it is not flexible.

(4) Although the load cell has a certain overload capacity, in the installation process of the truck scale, overload of the sensor should be prevented, even a short time of overload will cause damage to the load cell. Therefore, in the installation process, a pad with the same height as the load cell can be used to replace the load cell. It is better to install the load cell after the bearing device is placed smoothly. In the use of the load cell, attention should be paid to the following problems: the stranded copper wire should be used to form an electrical bypass to protect the load cell from welding current or lightning damage; Avoid exposure to intense thermal radiation, especially one-sided intense thermal radiation.