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Application of weighing sensor in different environment


The selection of material and shape of weighing sensor has several aspects:
1. Weighing sensor material: alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel alloy
2 Weighing sensor shape: single point type, spoke type, single shear beam type, double shear beam type, bellows, pressure type, column type, torsion ring type, bridge type, S type, pull type and other shapes.

Environmental adaptability selection of weighing sensor:
Sensors used in weighing systems generally have to work for a long time in a variety of complex environments, withstand the test of temperature, humidity, dust, corrosion and so on, so different sealing sensors should be used in different environments.
1. Different operating temperature ranges
For the sensor working in high temperature environment, high temperature sensor is often used; In addition, harsh occasions must be added with heat insulation, water cooling or air cooling devices.
2. Select the appropriate sealing form:
Dust, humidity and heat have great influence on the sensor. The sensor with proper sealing form should be selected, and the influence of dust, moisture and heat on the sensor should be avoided during installation.
3. Choose the right material
In acid, alkali and other corrosive environment, should choose good corrosion resistance stainless steel material and good airtight sensor.
4. Choose explosion-proof type
Sensors working in flammable and explosive environment put forward higher requirements for explosion-proof performance, so it is necessary to choose explosion-proof sensors, pay attention to the cable outlet head waterproof, moisture-proof, explosion-proof, etc.
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