Wheel Shape Load Cell ZH-WS101
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Wheel Shape Load Cell ZH-WS101

Adopting high-precision resistance strain principle
With unique technology, stable for property
Potted or laser sealing, insurance for using surroundingAlloy steel/ Stainless steel material , preventing of oil, moisture and corrosion

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Capacity 100kg~5000kg Material Stainless steel
Rated Output(mV/V) 1.5± 10% Non-linearity ±0.05%FS
Hysteresis ±0.05%FS Repeatability ±0.05%FS
Creep(30 minutes) ±0 03%FS Zero balance ± 1 00%FS
Temperature effect on zero ±0.05%F.S./ 10℃ Temperature effect on output ±0.05%F.S./ 10℃
Input resistance(Ω) 760± 15 Output resistance(Ω) 700±5
Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ Excitation voltage 5V-10V(DC)
Compensated temperature range – 10~+50℃ Operating temperature range -20~+60℃
Allowed overload 120%FS Breaking loading 150%FS
Cable Φ4 X 1.5M

Or customized by request

Cable color code Input: red+  black-

Output: green+ white-


ZH WS101 1


Rated load(kg) D D1 A B C SR M
10gk~2000kg 50 16 25 21 8 75 M5
5000kg 50 16 25 21 8 75 M5


Mainly used in automation, mechanical equipment, automatic equipment and other weighing


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