Digital Amplifier Supports A Variety of Protocols For Industrial Applications
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Digital Amplifier

Digital Amplifiers are high quality products designed for a wide range of industrial applications, using delta-Sigma analog-to-digital conversion and digital filtering processing technology. Through the digital processing of the weak weight signal output by the weighing load cells (group), it is output to the user’s upper system through RS485/RS232 serial communication. This amplifier is easy to form the weighing system with the touch screen or PLC.

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Product Features:

High precision, strong anti-interference
high linearity, stable performance
simple operation, support a variety of protocols

amplifier 4

Product Parameters:

Output Rate(mV/V) 0.4~6 Comprehensive accuracy 1/30000
Type 24-bit Delta-Sigma Power Supply 10-30V(DC)
Acquisition Frequency 100HZ Operation temp range -20~60℃
Conversion Rate 10/40/640/1280s Communication Mode Modbus RTU/ASCII/FREE
IP Class IP55 Baud Rate 1200/2400/4800/9600/


Application and After-Sales Service:

Amplifier is suitable for converting various signals collected by load cells into digital signals in various industrial sites.


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